Event Highlights
(A) Customizing Class 1.0
Bot Fest presents Customizing Class 1.0. Feat. Byakko (ホワイトタイガー) aka "White Tiger"

Package A - SGD$110 (USD$85):
- (1) One Byakko head sculpt
- (2) Two Byakko Fire Guts guns
- (1) One R-11 Seraphicus Prominon CORE
- (1) One set of Vallejo paint to customize R-11 into Byakko. Please note that some paint which are used for only a few few minor areas would need to be self purchased. **

Package B - SGD$55 (USD$43):
- (1) One Byakko head sculpt
- (2) Two Byakko Fire Guts
- (1) One set of Vallejo paint to customize R-11 into Byakko. Please note that some paint which are used for only a few few minor areas would need to be self purchased. **

To purchase, please drop an email enquiry with title "Bot Fest Customizing Class 1.0 Package A" or "Bot Fest Customizing Class 1.0 Package B" to botfestsg@gmail.com

** Please note that the paint will not be included for overseas purchases of our packages if we are advised that restrictions apply. Shipping charges for packages are additional.

• Class taught by Altezen (Leon Ku)
• Head sculpt and weapons by Ariel Lemon (Fakebusker83)
• Vallejo paint sponsored by Hobbymate
• Seraphicus Prominon CORE provided by Mastermind Creations

(B) Bot Fest Attendee Package Exclusives
Bot Fest Attendee Package, you get:

1. Maketoys Trash-Talk OR Nemesis Prime Art Print by Naoto Tsushima (津島直人) + Prime Star PS-M01 War Hammer
2. Mastermind Creations Powerups Millifex and Billifex
3. X-Transbots toys Partner Solstick
4. Access to discussion/interaction panels by MAAS Toys, Maketoys, Mastermind Creation and X-Transbots Toys. You will get first hand access to view prototype samples upfront and ask those questions you always wanted to ask.

Price: SGD$50. To reserve an Attendee Package, please send an email to botfestsg@gmail.com.

Due to limited quantities for Trash-Talk, Nemesis Prime Art Print + War Hammer, there will be a ballot to determine which combination of exclusives you get.

However, if you purchase TWO Attendee Packages, you do not need to ballot and will be allocated one each of both Package variations.

Exclusive #1

Announcing our first attendee package exclusive from X-Transbots toys, Partner Solstick!

Solstick will be part of our attendee package comprising 3 more exclusives (guess who?) and access to 3 manufacturer discussion/interaction groups!

Pricing to be announced soon (we promise).

Exclusive #2

Another day, another reveal!

Announcing our second attendee package exclusive, this time from Mastermind Creations, Powerups Millifex and Billifex!

Millifex and Billifex will be part of our attendee package comprising 2 more exclusives and access to 3 manufacturer discussion/interaction groups!


Exclusive #3

Bot Fest attendee package exclusive #3, Maketoys Manga Mech Series Trash-Talk (Clear Version)!

Trash-Talk will be part of our attendee package comprising 1 more exclusive and access to 3 manufacturer discussion/interaction groups!

Exclusive #4

Bot Fest attendee package exclusive #4, Nemesis Prime artprint by Naoto Tsushima (津島直人)!

The Nemesis Prime artprint is limited and exclusive to Bot Fest! Proudly sponsored by InkInk Collectibles.

Naoto Tsushima (津島 直人 Tsushima Naoto), also known as NAOTO, born January 25, 1973, is a Japanese manga artist from Tokyo, Japan.

His major works can be found in Henkei! Henkei! Transformers, Transformers: Super-God Masterforce: A Tale of the Pretenders, Transformers GT: Mission GT-R, Transformers Cloud, Movie Trilogy and more! For a full list of his work, please see here: http://bit.ly/2wWxB2Z

(C) Custom Contest
Announcing Bot Fest Custom Contest!

Submit your customs for exhibition at Bot Fest for a chance to win a MPM4 Optimus Prime

Here's what you need to do to participate:
1. Send us a photo of your custom, with name and description to botfestsg@gmail.com
2. Email title should be "Bot Fest Custom Contest"
3. If your custom is chosen, you will need to bring it down on Sunday to be exhibited.
4. Judging will be done on Sunday at Bot Fest.

Last Day for Submission: 20th Oct, Friday

Category: Open (anything goes!)

Sitemap and Program Schedule

Special Buys !
Special buys at Bot Fest, limited quantities only.

TFX-06 - Red Armor
TFX-07 - Blue Armor

CT001W - Volk

Mastermind Creations
R-19AM - Kultur Asterisk Mode
R-27AM - Calidus Asterisk Mode
R-27SG - Calidus Shadow Ghost

Ocular Max
PS-06O - Off-road
PS-06R - Terraegis Rally

And more special buys only to be announced on Sunday. Even some at knockdown prices courtesy of our sponsors. We reserve the right to restrict excessive quantity purchases.

Welcome Gifts
So. A sponsor dropped by with these. :)
And we are giving them away as welcome gifts for Bot Fest! While stocks last!



Hi everyone!

We have had a couple of questions on Bot Fest and we will do a quick FAQ here.

Q. What is the entry fee for Bot Fest?
A. Bot Fest is a FREE admission event. There is no charge to attend Bot Fest!

Q. So WHAT IS Bot Fest?
A. This is our first year and we are still finding our feet! For now, there will be prototype/sample displays by quite a few notable manufacturers of shape shifting toys, 1 customizing class and also 3 interaction/discussion panels in which attendees can get first hand access to new product reveals and play with product samples!

Q. So what is the attendee package and all those exclusives announced in the last few days?
A. The attendee package is an OPTIONAL add-on comprising of 4 exclusives from attending manufacturers/sponsors.
Purchasing the attendee package grants you access to the interaction/discussion panels.

So in short:
1. Bot Fest prototype/sample display (free admission)
2. Dealer area with products for sale (free admission)
3. Customizing Class (purchase needed, Package A/Package B)
4. Attendee Package (purchase needed)
5. Interaction/discussion panels (access granted on purchase of Attendee Package)

We hope this answers some of your questions!

*BIG HINT: The Attendee Package is limited and once sold out, it is GONE FOR GOOD. What we can promise you is that there are less than 100 packages available. So keep those fingers ready to start reserving once we open pre orders!

Attending Manufacturers

Bot Fest attending manufacturers: